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Javier Quilis


Javier Quilis is originally from Alzira, Valencia, Spain. He’s been studying and composing music since a boy of 7 years old. He has played and studied over the years in the Musical Society Alzira, the Alzira Orchestra and Chorus, the Institute Jose Maria Parra, and the School of Information Sciences Moncada. He has worked in radio and as a DJ. In 1997, the same year he began working with computer music, Javier released The Show is Beginning under the name Trilogic, along with composers Arnau Bataller and DJ Ginés Conesa. He continues to compose for many genres and clients, but Javier’s favorite remains writing orchestral music. His recent composition The Bridges of Madison County 2 (in collaboration with Samuel Martinez) won him a Genre Nomination in the 2013 Hollywood Media in Music Awards.

Music is Javier’s passion, because it is a perfect way to express emotion and feeling. He is excited to be working on War In Heaven, War On Earth with fellow composers Ignacio Núñez and Samuel Martinez.

Examples of Javier’s Work