Ignacio Nunez 002

Ignacio Núñez


Ignacio Núñez is originally from Mora, Toledo, Spain. As a child, his imagination was captured by Beethoven’s Für Elise, and he began to study music at the Music Conservatory Jacinto Guerrero.

Ignacio began sharing his music on the internet, and met fellow composers Javier Quilis and Samuel Martinez. He also met Loren Small, one of the producers of War In Heaven, War On Earth, through his musical piece Rapa Nui, which is used in one of the film’s teaser trailers. Ultimately, this relationship brought Ignacio and his collaborators on board to create the film soundtrack.

Ignacio believes that music is a universal language that knows no idioms or barriers. He believes that the world can be a place of love, and through music, he can unite us all a little more.

Examples of Ignacio’s Work