Thursday and Friday Production Update

Chris setting a shot

Wrapping up the week at Battle Creek’s Historic Adventist Village. Yesterday and today we had a number of volunteers who came in period dress.┬áHere’s our director, Loren, with one:

Loren Directs a Volunteer in Period Dress


We had all kinds of fun, including several “meetings” in the Parkville Church and the old Meeting House, shooting in various buildings, and . . . the horseless carriage rides!

The Horseless Carriage Ride

Here’s the Meeting House at sunset yesterday:

Thanks so much to all the volunteers who have made contributions of their time while we’ve been here!

Saturday night at 7 PM we’ll be hosting a vespers here at the old Parkville Church in the Historic Adventist Village. If you’re nearby, come meet Abraham Lincoln and enjoy an interview with our primary production team — you ask the questions!

On to Andrews University next week. Stick with us here on the blog (have you subscribed?) and we’ll have a sample footage reel for you soon.

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