Service and Preview in Greeneville


Presented the Sabbath morning service at the Greeneville Seventh-day Adventist Church yesterday (April 27), upon the invitation of Associate Pastor Nate Dubs. The program was rearranged somewhat, with period songs interspersed throughout the presentation. As usual, shared scripture and told stories from “War in Heaven, War on Earth” of the early Adventists during the mid-Nineteenth Century, leading up to and during the Civil War. After the service, we showed the film preview. There was a great deal of interest and nearly a hundred people stayed afterward (even after listening to me talk for a long time telling history!) to watch the preview. Some of out great supporters, including the Emdes, the Barretts, the Shaws, the Swarners and many others, were at the presentation, as well as our Narrator, Milton Siepman. Thanks so much, everyone!