Scripting . . . and what’s next?

Loren and Chris used low-tech material for the first early storyboard -- crayons to color code different themes and sheets of paper which could be spread around the floor in a story "map"

December sees War in Heaven, War on Earth enter the final scripting phase. After some initial old-school storyboarding (very low-tech for that first early storyboard — just crayons to color code different themes and sheets of paper that we could shuffle around in a big “story map” on the floor), we transferred our outline to the cloud so we could work together on the script, but in different locations. All the hours of interviews have been compiled and are being scanned for the best material to help tell the story. (It’s sad that there’s so much fascinating material and comments, but a lot will never be seen because we simply won’t have time to share everything in the final cut. We really had a great time talking with our interviewees!) Now we’re completing the narration to surround the interviews, primary source quotes, etc. We will have the script in hand by Christmas.

What then? Right after a short break for the holidays (a chance to come back with fresh eyes, so to speak), we’ll revise and edit the script as needed. Then a professional voice-over artist will record the narration. Other voice-overs will be recorded; quotes, for example, from people like Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Beecher Stowe, or J. N. Loughborough. We’ll assemble and integrate all the footage and pictures. A composer will add music as we go along. January and February will be VERY busy with postproduction activities! Stay tuned. . . .