Quiet Progress

August and September have been quiet months for the War in Heaven, War on Earth production . . . at least publicly. However, there’s been quite a number of things going on behind the scenes:

The production team has been arranging for one last Civil War reenactment shoot and a few more interviews; we’ve begun the editing process with the footage we have; we’re working on the script with the background of many hours of research and interviews; and we’re making arrangements for the various aspects of post-production which will swing into motion very soon.

We’re also making a final push to complete our post-production budget . . . not simply a bare bones budget, but around just $15,000 left to really finish strong, with a few “extras” to tell the story to more people (for example, we want to be able to include translation and subtitles in Spanish, Portugese, and French). If you’d like to help, make your contribution by clicking here.

Thanks for sharing our excitement in this journey, even during the quietly productive months. We’ll have a few new pieces of footage to show you in October, then keep you up to date as post-production progresses through the end of the year. We hope you’ll be one of the first to get War in Heaven, War on Earth when it’s available next year for the 150th Anniversary!