Filming at Historic Adventist Village (Days 1 & 2)

Buildings at Historic Adventist Village

What a wonderful welcome we’ve received at Historic Adventist Village! The staff and volunteers have been friendly and so generous with their time and assistance. If you’ve never been here–particularly if you’re an Adventist–you owe it to yourself to visit sometime soon.

Yesterday we got the “lay of the land” and shot a number of exteriors. Today was on-camera interviews with the Village director, Duff Stoltz, and more exteriors, as well as interiors of the Meeting House and the White’s House. Loren enjoyed working with the jib, while I was working with the slider.

We’re looking forward to tomorrow and Friday, when we will have a number of volunteers meeting us in period dress for some simple reenacting.

One of our cameras on a jib in the Meeting House

Loren puts a microphone on Duff Stoltz

Chris composes a shot

Loren composes a shot of a Bible in the Meeting House

We’re excited about showing you some clips of footage we’ve shot here at Historic Adventist Village! Stay tuned. . . .

Tired but happy,