DVD Cover Mockup — and other excitement


A lot is happening with War in Heaven, War on Earth as we finish the month of January.

First, you can see the graphic mockup of the DVD cover. I hope it makes you eager to watch the movie! Please let us know what you think of it — we appreciate your thoughts and comments.

Loren and I got together this month to work hard on the script. A portion of the film-in-progress focusing on 1862 will be seen next month at a special meeting arranged by one of our distributors.

Next week part of the narration will be recorded, with the rest to follow. Voice actors, who will share parts of letters, articles, and diaries (primary sources, to you historians, including a few seen or heard nowhere else to our knowledge) are beginning to come on board as well.

We’re working with a great music team as we get into the score for the film and hope to make that information public soon.

Other parts of post production are going well as the various elements come together.

We’ll do our best to give a lot more updates in February, March, and April as everything snowballs to the final cut!

All the best,

Chris   =|:-)}