And that’s a wrap . . . for this trip . . .

We’ve finished nine days of filming! First to Historic Adventist Village in Battle Creek, Michigan, then in Berrien Springs, Michigan, with experts from Andrews University and the Center for Adventist Research. What a great trip! We’ve filmed and photographed many historical locations and artifacts, and interviewed experts like Merlin Burt, Trevor O’Reggio, Nicholas Miller, Brian Strayer, and Duff Stoltz. So now, what a lot of raw footage we have to sort through and begin editing.

There’s still another shooting trip to come in June, then days here and there to follow. However, we are really excited about the material we’ve done thus far. Again, thank you to everyone who’s been helping and to those who are giving support through time, prayer, and financial contributions!

Much driving now to get back to our families in the next day or two. Be watching for more uploads and posts with more images and video.