Your Church

Meeting House at Historic Adventist VillageThe War in Heaven, War on Earth production team is currently scheduling presentations for local churches across America.

As you plan for your upcoming church services, vespers programs, and special events, please consider screening War in Heaven, War on Earth or bringing members of our production team as speakers.

Our live presentations include:

  • War in Heaven, War on Earth: The Birth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church During the American Civil War — The story of the early Adventist Church from 1860-1865, culminating in a call for Adventists today to faithfully complete our God-given mission

  • War in Heaven, War on Earth: Making History — A live presentation about the making of the new documentary film; may include a Q&A with producers

  • War in Heaven, War on Earth: Stories of Adventist History — Both favorite and little known stories of our church pioneers, sure to kindle faith and commitment

  • Abraham Lincoln’s Faith — The inspiring true story of Lincoln’s journey to faith, performed by award-winning Lincoln presenter Chris Small

  • American Religion in the Time of Abraham Lincoln & the Early Adventists (And Why It’s Still So Important to Adventists Today) — An overview of religious trends, diversity, and movements in the early to middle 19th century, with discussion of how modern Adventists are still impacted by the time

  • Children’s Divisions Appearances and Stories

Please fill out the form below to begin the process of scheduling a film screening or presentations by members of our production team at your church.