Film Update

Where’s the film? We’ve had a number of challenges this year in completing War in Heaven, War on Earth. However, we are still committed to finishing the film in the coming months. We’d hoped to have this for you in April, but believe that it will be just as good in 2014! Thanks for hanging —Read More

Service and Preview in Greeneville


Presented the Sabbath morning service at the Greeneville Seventh-day Adventist Church yesterday (April 27), upon the invitation of Associate Pastor Nate Dubs. The program was rearranged somewhat, with period songs interspersed throughout the presentation. As usual, shared scripture and told stories from “War in Heaven, War on Earth” of the early Adventists during the mid-Nineteenth —Read More

Spring Council Preview

The James & Ellen White Home in Historic Adventist Village. Behind are barns and the Second Meeting House, where some Spring Council sessions will be held.

World, Division, and Union leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church will receive a special preview of “War in Heaven, War on Earth” this week at Spring Council. Around 300 attendees will gather at Battle Creek, Michigan. Some sessions will be held in the Second Meeting House where the denomination officially came into existence 150 years —Read More

Service and Preview in Kingsport

IMG_7690b_kingsport SDA_4-6-13

Enjoyed spending this morning with the great folks at the Kingsport, Tennessee, Seventh-day Adventist Church. Shared scripture and told stories of the early Adventists during the mid-Nineteenth Century, leading up to and during the Civil War. After the service invited those who wished to stay, and showed a 14-minute preview of our film in progress. —Read More

Congratulations to our composers!


[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /] Check it out! Members of our Spanish composing team (learn more about them here) have been nominated for this year’s Hollywood Media in Music Awards. Many congratulations, gentlemen! We knew your work was great and we are proud to have you working with us on War in —Read More

One Year Later: Working in the Studio


We began our first filming trip one year ago, wrapping it up on March 6, 2012. We gathered our first interviews, and some b-roll footage of cannon and battlefields. In the year since then, we have travelled across the country recording interviews in 4 states and b-roll in 6 states, have photographed primary documents, have —Read More

Introducing the Composers

Samuel-Ignacio-Javier detail 001

We’ve been tantalizing you for a few weeks now about our soundtrack for War in Heaven, War on Earth. It is our pleasure to introduce you to an amazing music team from Madrid and Valencia, Spain. (Yes, this film is a truly international effort!) The composers include: Ignacio Núñez Javier Quilis Samuel Martínez You can —Read More

Post Production Proceeds With Narrator, Voice Over Artists

So much happening in post production right now! We’ve made a final selection for our narrator and will be in a studio recording that narration in the next two weeks. We’re also having primary source material recorded by voice artists. It’s pretty amazing to hear words written 150 years ago come alive with the right —Read More

Digital Illustrators Needed

UPDATE: There were lots of great submissions, and so we won’t be able to respond personally to everyone. We are no longer accepting applications, and have made our choices. Thanks for all the interest! Are you a digital illustrator, or do you know someone who is? We are looking for an illustrator for our film. The —Read More

Beautiful Music

Wow. This week we’ve been working on the musical score with our composing team in Spain. They are doing an amazing job, and even though we are still early in the process, their work is incredibly moving and beautiful. They just sent me an incomplete draft for the music of a crucial scene, where Abraham —Read More

Scripting . . . and what’s next?

Loren and Chris used low-tech material for the first early storyboard -- crayons to color code different themes and sheets of paper which could be spread around the floor in a story "map"

December sees War in Heaven, War on Earth enter the final scripting phase. After some initial old-school storyboarding (very low-tech for that first early storyboard — just crayons to color code different themes and sheets of paper that we could shuffle around in a big “story map” on the floor), we transferred our outline to —Read More

Last Civil War reenactment filmshoot

Chris gives some directions on an October 2012 Civil War film shoot for "War in Heaven, War on Earth"

This past Sunday, we shot what will likely be our last reenactment. This one was small; we put it together especially for War in Heaven, War on Earth. “General Burnside” joined as, as well as some artillery. The Dyer and Emde families were kind enough to host us on their farm. One of the most —Read More

Quiet Progress

August and September have been quiet months for the War in Heaven, War on Earth production . . . at least publicly. However, there’s been quite a number of things going on behind the scenes: The production team has been arranging for one last Civil War reenactment shoot and a few more interviews; we’ve begun —Read More